Saturday, May 28, 2011

What have you wanted to do for years but haven't gotten around to yet?

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Indi

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I could shout out loud here in my room. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! After two years and almost three months of being away, now I am going home.

FlightDepartureArrivalStopsDurationAircraftSelect your flight
CX742RUH 21:55HKG 13:15 +1113:50330
CX919HKG 14:45 +1MNL 16:45 +10773
 For the last days I wasn't sure if I could leave today because of some problems with my expired Iqama (resident permit). However, God has always been so good to me and I'm thanking him for that. With prayers and faith, nothing is impossible.

I am so excited that I could almost smell Manila's air. lol. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Can't help worrying about the COE that they'll issue. For heaven's sake! I didn't commit a crime or violated any rule.  I don't have any plans of coming back here. Not  even if they'll be omitting that phrase. I worked diligently for more than two years and this is what I get? I could have it falsified in Recto but I cannot lie to myself. Faking it would not erase the fact that I was treated unfairly. Not only me, also the people who already left and will soon be leaving.

I told our head nurse that I will not be making a big deal out of it only if they could support the statement with a valid reason. An article of the "Saudi Labor Law" perhaps that states it is legally acceptable? This is the most hateful part, according to her, there isn't really any valid reason. The medical director just feel like putting it.  Haha! Where is justice?

This is what's bothering me.

What's gonna be playing in your mind if you happen to read a COE that states something  like this: 


What the effin hell? 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeing me lying quietly on my bed and momentarily smiling a bit would probably make somebody think I'm crazy. Waha, no I'm not. Today, I talked to Pan. It is a big surprise for me. I bet she was surprised as well. We were not in talking condition for the past months and we surely hate each other. But, yes! We talked today.

HN was forced to scrub out while we were doing fat injection. The fat was so thick that it got clogged in the syringe. Boom! Like a projectile vomittus, it landed all over her scrub suit and face. Eewwk, it was such a mess. So, I took over and scrubbed. Like a couple of minutes later, Pan appeared.

She might have been requested by HN to help. Oh! well, If only HN wasn't scrubbed out because of an OR blooper, I wouldn't had worked with Pan. We used to work harmoniously. Not until those various incidents that made us distant to each other. To my surprise, we did worked well together...still. Or, maybe because the circumstance called for least. 

Then I said, "Thank you". I meant it. I really do.

She said, "Ok lang". and made her way out of the OR.

It made me pause and almost made me laugh. Not with sarcasm alright? But with innocent laughter. Did it just happen? Did I just talk to her after I sworn to myself not to even look at her? I realized that I have this unique talent of putting away my interpersonal conflicts for the sake of professionalism. The thing is, I was somehow happy that I said thank you. It is as if my heart was unloaded with tons of heavy objects. It became lighter. Like a relief from thirst after drinking an icy cold water.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer’s daughter.

- Julius Comroe Jr.

I was just playing around with Red and took a picture of IV. To my surprise it appeared something like this:


Unedited, unphotoshopped, unknown Red's ability, I'm a noob ok? This is mere serendipity.

Book three of the twilight saga, Eclipse will keep me busy these coming days. Hurray! I need to divert my attention. I must avoid ranting. I must avoid complaining. I must avoid talking. 19 days are left and I don't want to argue over some bullshit. How could I say 19 days are left when up to this moment I still do not have a plane ticket? Errr! I so hate it.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Umalis na ng bansa kahapon ang pinsan ko. Si JB. Ewan ko nga ba bakit JB ang palayaw niya e Billy Jebson naman totoo niyang pangalan. Hindi ba dapat eh BJ? Hahahaha kung green-minded ka naman kasi eh ang pangit ng pangalang BJ. In a way, nalulungkot ako kasi hindi man lang kami nagpang-abot sa Pinas. Mahigit dalawang taon na rin nang huli kaming magkita. At kung kelan kami muling pagtatagpuin ng tadhana, iyon ang hindi ko alam. At kung saan din siya dadalhin ng tadhana, iyon ay hindi ko rin alam. Basta ang alam ko malilibot niya ang buong mundo ng libre dahil seaman siya. Nakakatuwa.

Nakapagkwentuhan sila ni Papa. Nalulungkot din daw si JB kasi di kami nagkita. Sabi pa niya parang kelan lang ang liliit pa namin. Kahit di man namin napag-uusapan ang dahilan kung bakit naging mas malapit kami kesa sa iba naming pinsan, siguro dahil yun sa pareho naming alam ang pakiramdam na walang magulang na gumagabay sa mura naming mga gulang. Kung di ako nagkakamali, limang taon pa lamang siya nang pumanaw ang mama niya. Ako naman anim na taon nang magpunta ng Saudi si mama. Ang mga tatay naman namin ay parehong naghahanapbuhay sa Maynila. Kami, naiwan sa Surigao. Sa probinsiya na tanging Lola at mga titang hindi na nag-asawa ang nag-aalaga.

Madalas daw namin pag-awayan noon ang kubyertos. Ewan ko kung bakit, hindi ko na matandaan. Pero sabi niya, namimili raw kasi ako ng gagamitin ko. Bata pa lang pala talaga maarte na ako pagdating sa kubyertos. Kaya pala hanggang ngayon, naiiyak ako kapag may ibang gumamit ng kutsara at tinidor ko. Gusto ko kasi magkapartner ang kutsara at tinidor. Dapat magkasingtimbang sila at magkamukha. Ayokong mas magaan yung isa. Dapat pareho talaga. Ayaw ko rin ng may hawakan na uso noon, yung parang may plastic o kaya kahoy na  hawakan. Ah! Basta dapat makinang at magkapareha. In short, nag-iinarteng bata. Nag-iinarteng bata rin kaya siya kasi nakikipag-agawan siya ng kubyertos sa akin? 

Naaalala ko pa 8 years old ako at siya naman 6 years old, sabay kaming naligo. Hindi ko alam bakit naiisipan naming paglaruan ang ilaw sa cr. Tig-isa kaming tabo at binasa namin ng binasa yung ilaw hanggang sa napunde. Ayun! ending napagalitan kami pero putok buchi ko nun kasi ako lang napalo. Ang sakit. 

Pero ngayon may sari-sarili na kaming propesyon at parehong tinatahak ang landas patungo sa aming mga pangarap. Nakakatuwa kasi kahit makulit kami noon eh mabait naman pala siyang lumaki. Ang dati kong kaagaw sa kutsara at tinidor ay isa ng responsableng tao. hehehe. Haaay miss ko si JB.

Friday, April 9, 2010

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder does it also mean interpretation is in the ear of the listener? Well, I never thought that this song that has been giving me LSS could mean in a different way on my room mate's point of view. I know it was partially a joke but with that sarcastic slash funny grin, we knew very well what it meant.

V: "Yes of course it is better, so you'll have a reserve!"

Me: "Haha, loka-loka! I never thought about it until you told me ok? What I meant was it is better to have someone special in your life than nothing."

Somebody is torn between two lovers. Did I just sing a song? Oh well, oddly as it seems but I understand her. I really do. I used to despise people who are infidel to their lovers. Why would they love two people in the first place? Isn't it cheating? Probably they have their reasons of doing so. They must have a reason and I respect it.

I dreamed of a perfect love story when I was little. My own prince charming with his nice set of teeth smiling at me as if I'm the prettiest princess in the kingdom. His eyes seeing only me like glued. But as I grew up, I realized that there isn't any perfect love story. Every one else has their fair share of a failed relationship. A teenager crying over her first love, a girl in her mid 20's  that is so depressed because she thought he's really the one and even a mother of two in her mid 30's who just had divorce after his husband cheated and eloped with another woman. There comes a time when you'll wake up and realize that you are just trap in a "perfect" situation. Your prince charming turned out to be an ugly brown frog  be a supporting character in your story called life.

Accepting the fact that love story can't always be perfect doesn't mean that I am a pessimistic bitch. Of course I still dream of it. Its just that it doesn't come right away, the way you dreamed about it.

I can't seem to get over of thinking that in less than a month I will be going home. Yey! I am so excited! I'll get to meet my family, relatives and friends once again. God, I have been missing them. My mother already booked a flight going to Surigao for her, me and kuya so we can visit our grandma.. Although it is a lot better if Papa could come but my pocket would be emptied if he tags along. Anyways, he had his vacation last year there so he said its alright. And yes! I'm gonna meet my deathy for the first time! I'm planning not to tell him on when my flight is and surprise him by coming over wherever he is on that moment. Isn't it romantic?..I could just imagine how surprised he's gonna be. The room is too cold but if I'm gonna turn the air con off it will be very hot. O my gosh my tummy is aching, I am hungry but I'm too lazy to get out of this room. IV will be disturbed hearing the loud sound of our spooky door. Someone is in the kitchen, who could that be? What is she doing there in this ungodly hour. She might be hungry as well. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh! I might go to London. Oh! Let me rephrase it. I am going to London. Most people say that if you think positively, then whatever it is, it shall be given. So might as well be optimistic. My heart beats faster whenever I think of having the chance to go there. Dear Lord, help me on this one. Bulaga. As I am typing this I just said bulaga to indi. wahahaha..I tweaked something here in HNS and got rid of my old layout. The girl on that picture seem to be very exhausted, giving a negative aura. So I changed it to this minimalist yet very fresh look. I am not a Schiz. I just want to type anything that comes my mind waiting for sleepiness to take over my entity nyaha. Hmmm...what else what else. I miss my baby Jodie. That cute little girl who's always here every thursday. I wonder why Mama S don't bring her anymore? Well, its somehow okay though cause I get to rest after a long tiring week. Anyways, I do miss her. I mean a lot. IV is sleeping already. She has too, for she haven't slept yet since after our duty. Our sleep pattern is really abnormal. I have been telling myself not to eat chocolates but its so tempting that I fail to do so. Everyday is a failure. I eat chocolates everyday. Thanks to Roaccutane. I don't have zits after eating tons of these heavenly delight. 

Etymology: ME, lous, not fastened
(in psychiatry) a disturbance of thinking in which the association of ideas and thought patterns becomes so vague, fragmented, diffuse, and unfocused as to lack any logical sequences or relationship to any preceding concepts or themes. It is a symptom of schizophrenia. When severe, speech may be incoherent.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

If the pre-requisite of going to heaven will be passing a temper test, I'm afraid I'm not gonna make it. Thanks God it isn't because I just failed one today.

Phone rings...

me: Yes, hello?

cashier: Yes, hello you know how much this fucicort is?

me: I don't know but you can refer to the system.

cashier: But the system is not working.

me: Ok, refer then to the box.

cashier: Emdyey the system is not working.

me: Cashier, yes I know that the system is not working. That is why I'm telling you to look at the box. The price is there. (starting to get annoyed)

cashier:  Yes, so how much is this?

me: (What the heck?! really getting annoyed. was my instruction hard to understand?Didn't she hear what I just said.)  Listen to me, You are asking for the price right?

cashier: Yes.

me: The system is not working right?

cashier: Yes.

me: So, look at the box of that medicine there you will see the price, got it?

cashier: I don't know.

me: Cashier, just look at the box!  errrrrrrrrrr ok ok I will go there.

Little did I know, she didn't have the medicine with her. When I asked her to hand me over the medicine so we could both look at the price, she said she doesn't have it. It was like I suddenly got hypertensive and unconsciously raised my voice. 

"Why didn't you tell me that you don't have it? You should have told me right away so I could have done something about it!"

There, I lost my temper. It was so shameful because a patient overheard us arguing. That patient suddenly interrupted us and started to explain that she only needed to compare the price. Unfortunately, I have this very strong feeling that she's gonna be my patient tomorrow. Errrrr!..What a shame.

It is so inexcusable for her not to remember the price of a certain medicine knowing that she encounters it everyday. This is the same cashier that reported me to the manager because according to her I didn't help her look for the price of a certain laboratory procedure. See how irritating? She's the cashier and yet she expected me to know the price for her?   Isn't it her sole responsibility? Everyday she has a lot of flaws and she never learn her lesson. What a lame-o.

I've been here for exactly two years and one month and I never got used of the capacity (both cranial and attitude) of the people belonging to race other than mine. And I think, I am soooooo not going to be used to it. Its not that I am a racist. I am not a racist. Well ok I admit it, I mean let's admit it. Everyone of us regardless of race tend to judge other people but it doesn't necessarily mean that he/she is a racist. There are just situations that it is inevitable to judge others.